The characteristics of numerical control system in pipe bending machine

The pipe bending machine mainly adopts WE67YK series sheet metal pipe bender structure; It consists of sdS-3PB tube bender full closed-loop NUMERICAL control system, two grating rulers, a photoelectric encoder real-time detection feedback, stepper motor drive screw. Two grating rulers; One for the rear stopper, one for the position of the slider real-time detection feedback correction; The photoelectric encoder detects the position of the dead block and feeds back to the NC system.
1, direct Angle programming, with Angle compensation function.
2, grating ruler real-time detection feedback correction, full closed-loop control, the positioning accuracy of rear stopper and slide block dead stopper is ±0.02mm.
3. The upper die adopts fast clamping device, and the lower die adopts oblique wedge deformation compensation mechanism.
4, with multi-step programming function, can realize multi-automatic operation, complete multi-step parts one-time processing, improve production efficiency.
5, according to user needs can choose stable performance, compact structure of imported hydraulic system, rear stopper can choose ball screw, synchronous belt drive


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