Some common sense problems of the aluminum profile extrusion press machine plant line


For the product of the aluminum profile extrusion press machine plant line, after the previous study, trusting us and having a certain accumulation of common sense, you should be familiar with this machine and equipment, and will not feel unfamiliar. Therefore, if the editor will explain it again, I believe that we can quickly understand and grasp it, and can also grasp it firmly. Therefore, under this premise, the editor will answer some of its related questions in detail, hoping to give us some detailed and useful assistance, and then be able to better understand the product and deepen its image.

1. If the extruder extrudes the profile, how to choose the tonnage?

A: The selection of the tonnage of the extruder is mainly based on the calculation of the meter weight and the circumscribed circle. If the circumscribed circle is 100mm, then a 1000-ton extruder should be used, and theIts outlet is about 100mm.

2. If the extruder works for one day, how many aluminum rods can it generally process?

Answer: This is mainly related to the section size of the profile, etc., and the extrusion material, so it is impossible to give a detailed value.

3. How should the extrusion speed of the aluminum aluminum profile extrusion press machine plant line be adjusted too fast?

Answer: If the extrusion speed of the aluminum aluminum profile extrusion press machine plant line is too fast, it can be adjusted by the function of zero adjustment of the plunger pump.


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