Standard models of the metal band sawing machine horizontal band saw working principle


metal band sawing machine horizontal band saw is a machine tool equipment for cutting all kinds of metal round materials, square materials, pipe materials and profiles with circular saw blade, saw belt or saw blade, etc. The processing accuracy of the sawing machine is generally not very high, and it is mostly used in the material preparation workshop to cut off various bar materials, pipe materials and other profiles. The blade is driven by the driving wheel and the driven wheel, and the cutting direction of the blade is controlled by the guide rail control frame. By adjusting the rotation bearing, the band saw blade is adjusted and straightened, and the saw is swept out by the scraper. The piston rod of the hydraulic cylinder supports the guide rail control frame falling into the sawing material, the band saw machine is equipped with manual or hydraulic cylinder clamping locking mechanism, and hydraulic operation cutting switch.


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