Precautions for the operation of graphite band sawing machine


CNC graphite band sawing machine, horizontal, vertical graphite band sawing machine, high-speed graphite band sawing machine and other graphite carbon sawing equipment are widely recognized by various enterprises because of their huge improvement in production efficiency. The normal use of graphite band sawing machine can improve the service life of graphite band sawing machine, and stabilize the processing and production efficiency of graphite band sawing machine.
First, the workpiece clamping problem

Many graphite band saw machine operators will be careless and error, whether for large workpiece, small workpiece or bundled workpiece sawing, graphite band saw machine operators need to carefully check whether the workpiece clamping.

Two, the choice of band saw blade

Graphite band saw machine needs to use emery band saw blade to cut graphite materials, because graphite material is special, only the use of emery band saw blade of high hardness, fatigue resistance of special cutting band saw to ensure the sawing benefit, to achieve high speed, accurate, smooth cutting effect.

Three, band saw blade tightening

Before sawing, it is necessary to open the graphite band saw machine for idling debugging for a few minutes to observe whether the tightening of the band saw blade is appropriate, and whether the graphite band saw machine runs abnormally. When sawing into bundles or large workpieces, the tightening degree of the band saw blade should be slightly tighter. Choose the graphite band saw machine equipped with the saw blade spring maintenance tightening device. This is required for the proficiency of graphite band saw machine operators. Graphite band saw machine operators should master standard and reasonable adjustment and control skills to avoid running or violent damage due to improper tightening of the band saw blade.


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