Application of small horizontal band sawing machine


The processing size of small horizontal band saw machine is basically within 400mm, which is widely used. It is basically the mechanical equipment that steel profile production enterprises have been exposed to. Small horizontal band saw machine is affordable, simple to operate, accurate to cut, efficient to cut, and it is the most effective model recognized in the industry!

Small horizontal band sawing machine is usually semi-automatic numerical control operation, for double column structure, higher jaws, hydraulic cylinder, can freely choose ordinary rack or electric rack, for example, Jin Feng GZ4235 small double column horizontal band sawing machine is equipped with high performance worm gear reducer, strong power, precision balance correction, reduce noise, reduce vibration, Saw belt guide device carbide and rolling bearing guide reasonable design effectively prolong the service life of the band saw blade, small horizontal band saw machine is very suitable for sawing into a bale of spiral steel and many kinds of metal workpiece, its sawing precision is high, fast, smooth cutting, neat section, economic and practical, small horizontal band saw machine can not only save costs, but also achieve the ideal sawing efficiency and effect. It’s a good choice for you.


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