Maintenance of the mechanical part of the metal band sawing machine (1)


The maintenance of the mechanical part of the metal band sawing machine horizontal band saw mainly includes: the maintenance and maintenance of the spindle parts of the sawing machine, the feed transmission mechanism, the guide rails, etc. The specific maintenance is as follows:

       Maintenance of saw spindle components

       The spindle component is an important component in the mechanical part of the CNC sawing machine, which is mainly composed of the spindle, the bearing, the spindle accurate stop device, the automatic clamping and the chip removal device.

       The lubrication, cooling and sealing of CNC sawing machine spindle components are several issues worthy of attention during the use and maintenance of sawing machines.

       First of all, the good lubrication effect can reduce the working temperature of the bearing and prolong the service life; for this reason, it should be noted when operating the sawing machine: at low speed, use grease and oil circulating lubrication; at high speed, use oil mist and oil-air lubrication. . However, when grease lubrication is used, the sealing volume of the main shaft bearing is usually 10% of the bearing space volume. Do not fill it up at will, because too much grease will aggravate the heating of the main shaft. For oil circulation lubrication, check the spindle lubricating constant temperature oil tank every day during operation and use to see if the oil amount is sufficient.


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