Interpretation of where the force of the CNC pipe bending machine comes from


The CNC pipe bending machine uses an intermediate frequency power supply to heat the steel pipe and at the same time advances the steel pipe at a uniform speed, so that the steel pipe of the heating part walks along a preset track to form a bend with a certain radius of curvature and angle. First install the steel pipe in place, adjust the bending radius through the lead screw nut transmission device on the rocker arm slewing device, and use an intermediate frequency induction heating coil to heat the steel pipe to a certain temperature before bending. When bending, hydraulic pressure is used as power. The steel pipe advances forward and deforms and bends at the heating place along the adjusted bending radius. After the steel pipe is deformed, water is sprayed to cool it, so as to obtain the required elbow fittings. So where does the main force of the CNC pipe bending machine come from? Taiwan and mechanical experts will analyze for everyone:

CNC pipe bending machines are used for electric power construction, highway and railway construction, boilers, bridges, ships, furniture, decoration, etc. because of its high efficiency, high processing capacity, and high precision. It has multiple functions, reasonable structure, and It has the advantages of simple operation, convenient movement and quick installation.

CNC pipe bending machine adopts hydraulic system to provide power. The position change of the sliding table, the return of the slewing device, the main driving device and other components all need power drive. The middle sliding table and rocker slewing device use electric motors as power sources, resulting in equipment size Large, the structure does not allow.

The main driving device adopts the design scheme of the electric motor as the power, which can realize the stepped speed regulation, but the equipment size is large and the structure is complicated. This equipment has many actions to be achieved and requires a large number of power sources. It is driven by hydraulic pressure. The hydraulic motors of each component are powered by a common hydraulic pump. The main driving device is easy to achieve stepless speed regulation and automatic control; chuck device The hydraulic system is adopted as the power, the steel pipe is easily clamped, and the work efficiency is high; the middle sliding table and the rocker arm drive device run smoothly, the structure size is small, and the equipment investment is small.

The hydraulic system is used to provide power, which has large driving force and high stability. It can also realize stepless adjustment of the feed speed, which is convenient for the selection of the feed speed of the elbow, and obtains the appropriate feed speed, which increases the operability of the equipment; The design structure is reduced, the manufacturing cost is reduced, and the equipment is easy to maintain.


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