How to carry out load test on pipe bending machine


Bending pipes are important components commonly used in various industrial boundaries, and pipe bending machines are generally used for bending. Pipe bending machines can generally be divided into CNC pipe bending machines, hydraulic pipe bending machines, and so on. Mainly used for power construction, public railway construction, pipeline laying and repair in areas such as steam boilers, bridges, ships, furniture, and decoration, it has advantages such as multiple functions, correct structure, and simple operation. So how to conduct load tests on the pipe bending machine? Please follow three methods:
1. Each fully automatic pipe bending machine should undergo a full load test and bend the pipe fittings twice according to its larger rolling torque (with a tortuous view point of 180 °).
2. During the full load experiment, the operation of the fully automatic pipe bending machine should be stable, reliable, and comply with relevant regulations.
3. When conducting type tests on new and updated products, overload tests should be conducted. The overload test should be carried out three times using a fully automatic pipe bending machine and bending the pipe fittings with a large rolling torque of 110% (with a tortuous view point of 180 °). Batch standardized manufacturing is allowed to undergo sampling inspection, with a sampling rate of 10% of each batch’s production, but not less than one unit.


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