How can the pipe bending machine avoid overload?


The overload of the pipe bending machine will damage the machine parts to a certain extent. Sometimes the operator does not deliberately cause the overload of the machine, so the professional knowledge of operating the pipe bender and properly adjusting the pipe bending die should be possessed, and the basic knowledge of some overload knowledge:
Excessive load may not be intentional, but it is easy to happen. This is because the torque required for pipe bending is greater than the torque range of the original design of the machine. Misuse of machine equipment will cause overloading of machine parts.
Full automatic pipe bender manufacturer warning! The maximum bending capacity is bendable. The tensile coefficient of general iron pipe is 40kg/cm2, which is the most standard. Please be sure to observe these technical specifications, otherwise the machine will be seriously damaged. Confirm the load during the operation of the machine to avoid overload of machine components, otherwise it will affect the service life of the machine and the safety of operators.


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