Why does the back of the saw blade crack


No matter large or small industrial equipment, it is inevitable that some failures will occur in the daily use process. For users of band sawing machines, it is still necessary to master some common maintenance methods, which is not only conducive to a more in-depth understanding of the sawing machine, but also can effectively avoid equipment damage in the processing process, and create more economic benefits for enterprises.
Cracks appear on the back of the saw blade of the sawing machine
The regular fracture of the newly bought band saw blade makes the production lag behind. Later, it was found that there are many small cracks on the back of the band saw blade, and each fracture is on these small cracks.
The back of the saw blade of the sawing machine may have cracks. Causes:
1、 The band saw machine is not clean, the iron cutting brush is not in place, the band saw blade brings the iron cutting to the wheel disc, and some iron cutting will remain on the saw wheel, which will force the saw blade out of cracks in repeated contact with the saw blade.
2、 The bearing in the turbine box of the band sawing machine may be burnt, causing the inclination angle of the saw wheel to change. When the new saw blade is just used, you can see that the saw blade is lifted at the edge of the saw wheel, and then the saw blade falls down again, and you can hear an obvious “snapping” sound. In this case, the saw blade will break within 2 days.
3、 The quality of the band saw blade on the sawing machine is poor.


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