What functions does the control system of the pipe bender generally have?


1.During automatic Pipe bending machine operation, the whole process of the slag pressure system, the medium-strong heating system and the water cooling system, the operation of the steel pipe propulsion system, and the completion of the bend can be completed. 2. The tooling process before bending: including rocker arm positioning, tailstock clamp opening, opening and closing of guide wheels, opening and closing of anti-elliptic rollers, and adjustment of clamp position and workpiece position. . 3. Safety protection and quality monitoring functions: for example, shutdown when the amount of cooling water is insufficient, and protection against over-limit bending moments, etc. 4. Parameter setting function: including the setting of process parameters such as bending angle setting, heating temperature alarm limit, preheating time, cooling time and workpiece travel speed. 5. Real-time collection and display of main process parameters: including heating temperature, bending angle and working status of the intermediate frequency heating system.


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