What are the functional characteristics of the hydraulic system of the pipe bender?


Since the speed and strength of the three actions of pipe bending machine, clamping and boosting are the primary factors affecting the quality of pipe fittings, at the same time, in order to meet the lack of the same pipe bending process, the bending cylinder, boosting cylinder and clamping cylinder all adopt oil return joints. Flow speed control loop makes the system speed adjustable, stable working speed, no impact, and good speed load characteristics; among them, the bending cylinder is equipped with a secondary throttling speed control loop, and the slow speed can be adopted when the bending angle is 5~10. The quick-bending pipe makes the final bending angle and the set bending angle very close, and the energy-saving effect is clear. In the hydraulic system of the pipe bender, the clamping cylinder, booster cylinder, and bending cylinder are all locked by hydraulic control check valves. , Reduce the pressure loss, ensure the firm bending, clamping and pressing action during the bending process. The pipe bending part of the broken pipe bender is driven by hydraulic pressure. The hydraulic system mainly consists of 3 hydraulic cylinders: the clamping cylinder generates a certain clamping force to ensure that the tube blank is close to the bending die when the pipe is bent; the booster cylinder is used When the pipe is bent, the boosting force is applied to the bending direction of the pipe to reduce the thinning of the pipe bend; the bending cylinder rotates the pipe bending die through the chain sprocket to realize the pipe bending. The automatic action history of the automatic pipe bender is a hydraulic pipe bender: After the system power is turned on, the pump station motor is started, the solenoid 9dt is energized, and the hydraulic pump is unloaded; manually put the pipe fittings into the material clamp positioning block, and press down the material clamp Button (foot pedal), 5at is energized, the clamp cylinder is extended, and the pipe is clamped; the delay is 5s; 2dt. The loading trolley is sent to the next bending position and rotated through a required space angle, pressing the automatic start button, and repeating the next bend hydraulic pipe bender until the last bend realizes the unloading of the hydraulic pump and the manual unloading of the pipe to achieve 1 The three-dimensional multi-curved root canal. Before reaching the bending angle, when the hydraulic wrench is 5~-10, the bending cylinder extends slowly, and when the bending pipe reaches the bending angle; 2dt, 7dt5 power off, 6dt, 8dt power on, the main clamp cylinder and the guide clamp cylinder are divided and retracted to the original position ; When the 3dt is energized, the bend retreats to the original position and realizes a bend.


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