What are the advantages of the new charging device of aluminum profile extrusion press machine plant line


Now understand that the new aluminum profile extrusion press machine plant line feeding device, which controls the opening of the cold machine, and according to the level of the conveyor belt motor control the car transmission speed and throughput, and the door of the control cooling tray, is allowed to paste transferred to pressure cylinder to control the speed, to ensure the uniformity of size distribution in paste, horizontal mobile conveyor belt, the car, set to extend to pressure in the cylinder, The slurry just falls into the barrel, and the center of the barrel ensures the uniformity of the distribution of the barrel in the barrel.

Today’s aluminum profile extrusion press machine plant line new charging device running stability, high efficiency, the failure rate is extremely low, maintenance, practical strong, has the good economic efficiency, the extrusion machine equipment involves the aluminum profile extrusion press machine plant line new charging device, the device is to control the characteristics of a cold machine pan gate opening, according to the conveying speed and conveying control cooling container door, horizontal mobile conveyor belt in the number of cars, The opening makes the speed of slurry into the pressure cylinder controllable, and ensures the uniformity of slurry distribution in the cylinder. The conveyor belt trolley moving horizontally is set to extend to the pressure cylinder, so that the slurry just falls down.

Current extrusion machine equipment, provides the extrusion machine heat shrinkable tube, heat shrinkable tube production technology, in particular, including extrusion machine main body structure, and placed in cold water tank, including charging cylinder extruder ontology, cylinder with extrusion screw feeding, feeding barrel has a material inlet and product exports, the material inlet is equipped with the feed hopper, with brush line on the length direction of the circumferential direction.
New type of extrusion machine equipment, now has a cleaning device, is used at the end of mechanical cleaning products export to instead of manual cleaning, can save work, the center of the feeding tube to ensure the uniformity of size distribution in the cylinder, stationary belt conveyor with horizontal mobile conveyor belt the car, reduces the potential energy of slurry transmission, reduce the impact, To prevent cold materials from entering the internal structure of the product to improve the working environment.


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