This is beneficial to improve the life of band saw machine


Sawing machine, band sawing machine, horizontal band sawing machine, numerical control band sawing machine, vertical band sawing machine and so on are widely used in the production and processing of all walks of life. They are the main sawing equipment for many kinds of materials such as metal, wood, graphite, plastic, rubber and so on. Only after purchasing the right band sawing machine can the following correct use and maintenance be done to maintain the service life of band sawing machine. Give full play to the application benefit of band saw machine for a long time.

1. Correct operation, maintenance and cleaning of personnel

Before running the band saw machine, the operator of the band saw machine should check the status of various parts prone to wear and replace them in time when the wear is excessive. After configuring the cutting fluid of the band saw machine, the band saw machine should be run. After idling for about 3 minutes, the oil circuit, cutting fluid, hydraulic system, transmission system and band saw blade tension of the band saw machine should be debugged. After sawing, the band sawing machine should be fully cleaned.

Two, choose the right band saw blade

According to the different sawing workpiece, select the corresponding model of band saw blade, new saw blade need to go through the “running-in” stage, the running-in stage only needs to slow sawing for about 15 minutes, during which the overall burr of the band saw blade will be polished off, after the serrated smooth adjust the appropriate cutting speed for sawing, running-in band saw blade can reduce the cutting resistance in the subsequent use. Avoiding the breakage, tooth pulling, broken band and other losses of the band saw blade is conducive to greatly improving the service life of the band saw blade, and reducing the wear of the guiding parts of the band saw machine, so as to avoid the influence of improper running-in on the service life of the band saw machine and the band saw blade. Only the correct matching can improve the production efficiency of the enterprise.

Three, winter matters needing attention

When using the band saw machine in winter, if the ambient temperature of the sawing machine is low, it is recommended that the band saw machine operator first idling for 10 minutes to preheat, and do not let the band saw machine and the band saw blade work under low temperature load. The band saw machine has special low temperature smooth grease in winter, and can also replace the lubricating oil with low freezing point and good low temperature pumping ability, which will not freeze and freeze. It should be replaced after cold weather.


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