The role of pipe bending machine in engineering construction


The role of the pipe bending machine in engineering constructionFrom the function realized by the pipe bender, the pipe bender can be used for laying and repairing some pipelines in some industries, such as in the construction of road traffic, when laying roads, Usually we will lay some pipelines for power transmission and water transportation under the road. It is very important for the laying of these pipelines, which will affect the construction of the entire project in the future. The specific working purpose of the pipe bender is actually not only the function of bending a certain pipe, but sometimes it can also be used to disassemble some related pipe components. If it can also be used as a hydraulic page lifter, this can be said to be an expansion of the working capacity of the pipe bender. In addition, pipeline equipment will be used for ventilation in the construction of the warehouse. So I can see that the pipe bender plays a very important part in the field of engineering construction. With the continuous improvement of technology, now users can choose the appropriate pipe bender according to the needs of their own pipe material and processing technology. So what are the shortcomings of the pipe bender? The first aspect that needs to be improved is: the large diameter pipe cannot be formed at one time, and the speed is relatively slow. The second point is: different pipe diameters need to use different size molds. The pipe bender is generally composed of a combination of three parts: a cylinder, a bracket, and a mold. The plunger on the main cylinder of the machine is connected with the mold. The two ends of the pipe are fixed on the bracket, and the middle part is bent to a proper angle by the output of the cylinder. Regarding the characteristics of the pipe bender: first of all, the dynamic characteristics of the workpiece of the machine tool can automatically identify the processing speed, and the speed of the pipe bender is very fast and the effect is very good, which not only greatly improves the designer’s work efficiency, It also saves the interest cost invested in the trial phase. Another point is that the actual operation is very convenient. You only need to use the CNC system to enter the working parameters in the control terminal to allow the machine tool to complete the entire bending process according to the predetermined requirements, and you can see the entire bending more intuitively. Bend process.


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