The reduction of mill stand, cold rolling rate, roll gap and the work of multi high mill are described


Among the commodities of cold rolling mill manufacturers, continuous rolling mill and its four high and six high cold rolling mill are the key commodities. Therefore, it is important to carry out learning, training and mastery. However, other commodities, such as continuous rolling mill, can not be ignored. Therefore, according to this provision, the following will actually carry out the professional knowledge interpretation of products on the online platform of continuous rolling mill, so as to enrich everyone’s knowledge.
1、 What is the standard for allocating the reduction of each stand for the finishing rolling mill?
According to the detailed introduction of the cold rolling mill manufacturer, the standard for allocating the reduction of each rolling mill of the finishing rolling mill is to use the resource advantage of high temperature to concentrate the reduction on the first few rolling mills as much as possible, while the reduction is slowly reduced on the first few rolling mills to ensure the product quality.
2、 How to define the cold rolling rate of the rolling mill?
To determine the cold rolling rate of the rolling mill, it depends on the production capacity of the rolling mill, that is, it is determined by the production capacity of the machine. Generally speaking, it is stipulated to increase the cold rolling rate as much as possible within the allowable rate range of the rolling mill to increase the production capacity of the rolling mill. However, it must be noted that when the cold rolling rate increases, the cold rolling working pressure will decrease.
3、 Can automation technology and automatic control system be applied to continuous rolling mill? Besides, do they have different types?
If the cold rolling mill manufacturer responds to these two problems, its response is:
Continuous rolling mill, which can apply automation technology and automatic control system to monitor its processing process and actual operation. Generally, it is maintained according to electronic computer. In addition, there are two types of continuous rolling mill: semi continuous rolling mill and full continuous rolling mill. Their discrimination specification depends on whether there is a reversible rolling mill in the rolling mill. If not, it is a full continuous rolling mill. On the contrary, it is a semi continuous rolling mill.
4、 What does the whole cold rolling process of the 20 high rolling mill actually refer to?
In the rolling mill, there is a practical type of 20 high rolling mill, which is also a common and common type. The whole process of cold rolling can be divided into three links: understanding threading, reversible cold rolling, rewinding and rewinding. Moreover, the whole process of cold rolling of this kind of rolling mill is just started after the construction support of coiler / uncoiler with steel chain around the front and back of the rolling mill. Before here, it was to understand the threading link.
5、 In the continuous rolling mill, what is eight rolls, five stands and continuous rolling?
From the perspective of Wuxi Xingxiang, the cold rolling mill manufacturer, it will not be too difficult to respond to this problem. Therefore, their actual reference answer is:
In the continuous rolling mill, eight rollers refer to two pairs of support point rollers, a pair of intermediate rollers and work rollers on the sound card frame, while five rollers refer to five sound card frames. Continuous rolling refers to the continuous cold rolling of raw materials such as steel chain on five sound card stands, so as to achieve the desired practical effect of cold rolling.
6、 Can the cold rolling of steel chain be carried out by rolling mill?
The cold rolling of steel chain can be carried out by using the machine and equipment of rolling mill. Therefore, there is no doubt that the reference answer to this problem is yes. However, the rolling mill manufacturer reminds everyone that a prominent feature of steel chain cold rolling is to have supporting force. Because this is supporting force cold rolling, if there is no supporting force, it is impossible to carry out this work. Therefore, it is very important to clarify the appropriate supporting force for steel chain cold rolling.
7、 What is roll gap of rolling mill?
Rolling mill roll gap, if it is easy to understand, refers to the gap between rolling mill rolls. Specifically, Wuxi Xingxiang, a rolling mill manufacturer, emphasizes that it includes many levels: the roll gap value at the original setting of the rolling mill, the jump value of the roll in the whole process of cold rolling, the shape variable caused by the deformation of the stone archway of the rolling mill, the oil slick gap caused by the rotation of the pressure bearing in the rolling mill, and the gap between each component of the machine and equipment.


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