The metal band saw blade just broke?


The reason why most new saw blades fail is that the staff did not adjust the tension of saw blades properly. The tension of metal band saw blades is too tight when sawing. Too large load is easy to lead to broken band or tooth breakage. If the workpiece is found to be oblique when sawing, it indicates that the band saw blade is distorted. When the metal band saw blade is distorted, it will be blocked by inclination and lead to fracture or tooth collapse. At this time, it is necessary to check whether the clamping of the band saw blade is in place. Secondly, after replacing the new band saw blade, it should be properly “run in”. The saw blade of the new saw blade has many burrs, which will increase the cutting resistance. If the high-speed saw cutting is not run in, it will cause damage to the metal band saw blade. The running-in of metal band saw blade should adjust the slow feed speed, and give enough lubrication to the band saw blade, and smooth the serrations of the new saw blade before normal uniform cutting.

According to the past experience, some customers will react, I use the bimetallic band saw from you to cut the new workpiece, why everything is broken or broken teeth? That is because usually in the selection of teeth, professionals will select the pitch according to the size and hardness of your sawing workpiece to determine the type of metal band saw blade, but this does not mean that this type of saw blade can see any other size and hardness of the workpiece is different, if you later replace the size of the workpiece is too small, you should replace the small pitch of the band saw blade, If the hardness of the new workpiece is too high, carbide band saw should be used. It is recommended that you consult professionals before replacing different workpieces to ask whether the current band saw blade can cut the workpiece you are about to replace.


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