The function of graphite sawing machine is introduced


Graphite products of a wide range of USES, such as electrical appliances, communications equipment, auto parts, building, medical, aerospace, daily chemicals, etc., as a result of the graphite material special, saw industry research and development production of graphite products specially cut sawing machine is high efficient cutting processing of graphite materials, special equipment, also suitable for metal, stone, glass, big plank artifacts such as mass production.

The main drive of graphite sawing machine adopts frequency conversion speed regulation, stable operation, cutting speed and feed can be adjusted according to different workpieces when sawing, feeding device can be equipped with hydraulic platform lifting, convenient feeding, firm fixation, large bearing weight, single group or multiple combination platform can be selected according to the length of sawing.

Sawing graphite materials commonly used for matching emery band saw blade, and graphite band saw machine can be equipped with automatic feeding device, convenient automatic transmission, has a good fixed role, avoid manual handling, save time and labor, improve production efficiency.

Graphite sawing machine can be customized. When you choose and buy, you need to specify your sawing requirements, workpiece hardness, etc. Professionals will introduce the equipment configuration, determine the design and production scheme, explain the use method, to ensure after-sales service.


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