Teach you to use CNC pipe bending machine to do thermal stress bending


The economical CNC pipe bending machines applied in China are basically domestic products. Domestic products can meet the needs of most pipe bending machine users in terms of quality and reliability. About 60% ~ 70% of the popular CNC pipe bending machines in China are domestic products, but it should be pointed out that about 80% of these domestic CNC pipe bending machines are using foreign products. In terms of high-grade pipe bending machines, domestic products can only account for about 2%, which are basically imported. In terms of market demand, low-grade and medium-grade pipe bending machines account for about 50% and 40% respectively, and high-grade CNC pipe bending machines
The demand is about 10%.
Due to the shape of steel pipe, it is difficult to form an appropriate temperature field by flame heating and water spray cooling, and the NC process is not easy to control. In 2000, Beijing Electromechanical Research Institute studied the thermal stress bending of the pipe, determined the scheme of immersion cooling after integral heating in the furnace, and achieved good bending effect. That is, first heat the whole pipe to a certain high temperature, and then immerse it horizontally into the water at a certain speed until the pipe fittings are completely cooled, and the pipe fittings are finally concave back to the side of the water.
The thermal stress bending of NC pipe bending machine is a special forming method that uses the thermal stress generated by the uneven temperature distribution in the workpiece to drive the deformation of the workpiece. It has the advantages of no external force, no die, convenient on-site operation and so on. Generally, the method of generating thermal stress is to locally heat or cool the workpiece.
The heating methods include flame local heating and integral heating in the heating furnace; Cooling methods include air cooling, water spray cooling and water immersion cooling. The specific method should be selected according to the actual conditions and workpiece characteristics.


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