Problems encountered in the process of operating the pipe bending machine


The pipe bending machine must use the pipe bending machine when processing the automobile exhaust pipe. The pipe bending technology is also a part of the automobile muffler processing technology that cannot be underestimated. Here is a rough summary of the common problems of the pipe bending. From the process analysis, the common elbow defects mainly have the following forms: 1. The arc is severely flattened (there is a round shape); 2. The thickness of the outer tube wall of the round melon is too large 3. The outer side of the circle J is bent and cracked 4. , Wrinkle inside the arc and bending springback, etc.5. With the difference of the radius of the elbow, the methods and positions of the first four defects are different, and they do not necessarily occur at the same time, but the elastic springback of the curved workpiece is impossible Avoided. The existence of elbow defects has a negative impact on the quality of the bent pipe fittings. 1. The thickness of the pipe wall becomes thinner, which will inevitably reduce the ability of the pipe fittings to withstand internal pressure and affect their performance. 2. The distortion of the cross-sectional shape of the bent pipe may cause cross-sectional area on the one hand. Reduced, thereby increasing the resistance of fluid flow, on the other hand, it also affects the functional effect of the pipe fittings in the structure; 3, the inner wall of the pipe will not only weaken the strength of the pipe, but also easily cause uneven velocity of the flowing medium, resulting in eddy currents and bending parts Accumulation of dirt will affect the normal use of bent pipe fittings; 4. The rebound phenomenon will inevitably make the bending angle of the pipe larger than the predetermined angle, thereby reducing the accuracy of the bending process. Therefore, corresponding measures should be taken before bending to prevent the occurrence of the above defects, so as to obtain ideal pipe fittings and ensure the product’s various performance indicators and appearance quality.


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