Numerical control transformation of common metal band sawing machine horizontal band saw


The cutting length of the metal band sawing machine horizontal band saw is realized by adjusting the relative position of the ruler and the return to the position switch, the cutting quantity is realized by the counter, and the completion of each action is detected by the position switch. The cutting speed of band saw machine is controlled by adjusting oil supply pressure by pressure regulating valve. The logical relationship of each action is completed by the relay, the drive is completed by the power cylinder, and the control is completed by the solenoid valve.

For the ordinary band saw machine, the change of pressure, the change of hydraulic oil temperature and the lag of solenoid valve and relay all affect the precision of sawing feeding, so the cutting accuracy is poor, and the consistency of batch cutting is not good. In addition, when changing the cutting length of the ordinary band saw machine, the operation is also tedious because the feeding length ruler needs to be adjusted.

Due to the difference of sawing material and saw blade performance, it is better to adjust the speed of saw blade and sawing speed automatically in real time. For example, when the blade bends to a certain system threshold, the system will slow down the speed adaptation or turn off the feed. This needs to make a big adjustment and change on the basis of the original ordinary band saw machine. To realize the batch cutting production, it is necessary to implement digital system transformation.


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