Lean and Intelligent Creation Wonsten CNC Band Sawing Machine


The CNC band sawing machine runs the sawing program according to the programming specification, and uses accurate CNC technology to rapidly carry out high-precision sawing projects. The CNC band sawing machine is composed of a CNC system, a servo system, a detection system, a transmission system and other auxiliary systems, which can realize the main functions of simple control, automatic detection, automatic clamping, automatic feeding, automatic feed, automatic cleaning, etc. The actual sawing of the CNC band sawing machine is flexible, accurate and efficient, It saves a lot of manpower application, and the customized programming ability also establishes the incomparable practicability of the CNC band sawing machine.
CNC band sawing machine is a high-precision and efficient sawing equipment trusted by all enterprises. The sawing efficiency of this series of equipment is 50% higher than before. The life of sawing machine and saw blade can avoid unnecessary damage under the protection of intelligent computing. CNC band sawing machine can process complex workpieces with different shapes and materials, and has a wide range of applications. It can customize CNC band sawing machine, high-speed CNC band sawing machine, CNC angle band sawing machine, etc. for enterprises. CNC band sawing machine has become the mainstream ideal sawing equipment based on the advantages of customization.


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