How to solve the oil leakage phenomenon of the pipe bending machine in time?


Generally, the oil leakage of the elbow oil cylinder is because the oil cylinder has not replaced the sealing ring for a long time, which leads to the wear of the sealing ring. The life of the sealing ring is limited. Generally, it is necessary to replace the new sealing ring or the oil cylinder is rough, and the sealing ring is worn and damaged. The pipe bending machine is divided into four control valves and five oil cylinders. The main oil cylinder drives the movement of the bending arm, the two clamping cylinders are used to control the clamping die and the core-pulling cylinder plays the role of core-pulling the mandrel, and there is also an auxiliary push to prevent the tube from deforming and push the tube to bend. .

During the daily use of the pipe bender, you should check whether the pipe bending machine leaks oil at any time. In the face of oil leakage, you should deal with it in a timely manner: remove the oil cylinder and replace it with a new sealing ring. Replace the cylinder, replace the new cylinder and put it on!


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