How to use double-head hydraulic pipe bender correctly


It is more important to use the double-head hydraulic pipe bending machine in a humane and smart way. The safety of operators and mold equipment personnel is very important as the service life of a double-head hydraulic pipe bender is the same. Proper use and maintenance of the pipe bender will increase the service life of the pipe bender. However, improper use will cause accidents, and there will be serious dangers. The wrong use of the pipe bender may not be intentional, but it will accelerate the wear of the pipe bender’s parts and the degradation of various functions.

There is a safety guard next to the bending arm of the double-head hydraulic pipe bender. If an operator enters the action plan of the bending arm, the bending arm will stop suddenly and an alarm will appear on the screen when the operator is clamped by the bending arm. To avoid personnel being severely pinched.

When the double-head hydraulic pipe bender is in an urgent state, you can press the urgent connection button to connect to the power source to avoid dangerous operations. After the danger is eliminated, you need to start from the beginning. Before starting from the beginning, make sure that the power is turned on.

1. The direction of eagerly connecting the buttons

On the operation panel: when you press this button, all motors and servo power will be connected.

2. Avoid overload

Indiscriminate use of double-head hydraulic pipe bender equipment will constitute an overload of the pipe bender parts. The excessive load may not be intentional, but it is simply generated. This is because the torque required for pipe bending is greater than the torque plan originally planned for the pipe bender.
Know the load of the double-head hydraulic pipe bender in operation to avoid overloading the machine components, otherwise it will affect the service life of the pipe bender and the safety of the operator.
caveat! The greater ability to bend is the most standard for bendable general iron pipe with a tensile coefficient of 40Kg/cm2.

It is necessary to follow these technical standards, otherwise the pipe bender will be severely damaged.

3. Safety drills
After professional pre-job drills and inspections, accidental damage that may occur during the production process can be avoided or reduced to a lower level. The safety training program must be supervised and taught by leaders and management personnel. It is necessary for managers to insist on the sensitivity to safe operations in all their job responsibilities planning.

The editor believes that in order to have a greater protective effect, proper training is necessary. In the past, employees should be infused with the safety concept of the working environment and machine operation, and the double-head hydraulic pipe bender mold equipment should be taught, safety equipment and operating methods, and personal safety and other important rules, focusing on personal safety awareness.


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