How to repair metal band sawing machine horizontal band saw workpiece deflection fault


Both large and small industrial equipment in daily use process won’t appear some fault, for users of the metal band sawing machine horizontal band saw, or it is necessary to master some of the more common method of maintenance is not only beneficial to the sawing machine has a deeper understanding, but also can effectively avoid the equipment damage in the process of machining, create more economic benefits for the enterprise.

The workpiece of sawing machine appears serious deflection

Reason: This situation mainly lies in the feed is too large and sawing machine sawtooth passivation, at the same time, the distance between the guide arm is too large.

Solution: According to the actual situation of the sawing machine, the amount of feed can be changed appropriately. At the same time, the saw blade should be replaced actively, and the saw belt should be kept with appropriate tension. In addition, it is also necessary to actively adjust the guide arm and the vertical of the fixed front and table surface.

A considerable part of the above faults are caused by human factors, so it is necessary to let the operators master the correct operation specifications at ordinary times, and also need to actively do a good job in the maintenance of band saw machine equipment.


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