How to judge whether the single head pipe bending machine needs overhaul


In recent years, China pipe bending machine industry adheres to the scientific and cutting-edge technology, modern management, and continues to strengthen the performance of products. At the same time, it introduces foreign technology and equipment, and develops and produces various series of CNC Tube bending machines. Using high-tech numerical control automatic pipe bending machine, one-time forming is used to make the required bending, forming, directly from the exhaust port, turbine air inlet, in this way, there is no welding bending, smooth diameter, no crack phenomenon, our products are widely used in automobile, motorcycle, steel furniture, leisure products, air conditioning, petrochemical, aerospace and other industries.

After the long-term operation of pipe bending machine manufacturer, it is inevitable to encounter some faults. Simple faults can be solved quickly for friends who understand the mechanical maintenance of China pipe bending machine industry, but once there are some major faults, it is not so easy to solve. How to judge whether China pipe bending machine industry needs to be overhauled

1. The performance index of the engine is reduced by more than 20%, and the oil consumption is more than one time of the pressure in the cylinder with the engine temperature. When the fixed value reaches above 45C, it is less than the required index of 60%. 

2. The wear degree of the main transmission parts is limited. There are also yaw, abnormal noise, vibration and jitter.

3. The. ce is too large, the operation is faulty, the transmission gear and shaft are seriously worn, and it is difficult or often jumps to shiftThe brake mechanism is seriously worn, the brake performance is degraded or invalid, and cannot be adjusted.

4. The frame is deformed or cracked, the working equipment is seriously worn, the operation is faulty, the normal workload cannot be completed or the working accuracy cannot meet the requirements, the running gear is seriously worn, and China pipe bending machine industry cannot work normally.


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