How to ensure the rolling process of tandem cold rolling mill


With the development of continuous cold rolling related technology, higher and higher requirements are put forward for the quality of cold rolling products. The formulation of reasonable rolling schedule can release the capacity of cold rolling mill equipment, reduce energy consumption, ensure the accuracy of steel plate and strip products, and realize the best rolling process. The traditional rolling schedule developed by empirical method obviously can not meet the needs of current production. Therefore, the manufacturers of rolling mill equipment, This paper studies how to optimize the new technology of program rolling, even if the system is obtained according to the objective specific optimization, so that the speed and tension system can determine the pressure balance, and make the torque and equivalent power more scientific and advanced.
The hydraulic Ag number is combined with the practice of the transformation of the electric drive system at five positions of the rolling mill in the steel plant. Therefore, the optimization of the artificial intelligence program is studied theoretically and experimentally. Firstly, through the analysis of the mill, a set of appropriate mathematical models, the rolling mill measurement, and the force bearing load proportional to the objective function, it is selected so that the capacity of the equipment can be fully used, The traditional algorithm is used to optimize the rolling program, and compared with the original method using particle swarm optimization.
As the optimized calculation scheme is feasible and has important guidelines for adjusting and optimizing production plans in appropriate positions, the excellent computer system of five stand cold rolling mill is programmed and developed by using professional configuration software as the design platform. In the calculation part of continuous programming, users can carry out conventional algorithm optimization and automatic optimization of mobile phone program, and the system function is more perfect.
The operation results show that the system has the basic function of the program optimization system, and the optimization performance of the rolling program is good. The results of industrial experiments and field applications show that the control model overcomes the defects of the original model, improves the preset accuracy of the plate shape, strengthens the function of feed control, and improves the feedback control of the shape, so as to obtain good strip quality.


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