How about the bending chuck device of the pipe bender?


The chuck device is one of the important components of the D762mm automatic pipe bending machine. It has been used for more than two years. From the perspective of operation, it has realized automatic operation and good performance. The dovetail clamping block is easy and fast to load and unload, and can achieve a variety of Steel pipes of specifications are bent. In order to increase the friction between the steel pipe and the clamping block and reduce the thrust of the hydraulic cylinder, anti-slip grooves are provided on the inner surface of each clamping block, thereby improving the reliability and safety of the system. The bending of steel pipes with different pipe diameters is realized by installing the corresponding dovetail clamp block on the chuck. The positioning of the clamp block and the chuck and the positioning between the clamp blocks are realized by the dovetail block, which brings great significance to the installation of the clamp block. Great convenience, and also ensure the reliability of positioning between the clamping blocks.


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