Die shell price of aluminum profile extrusion press machine plant line and its way to eliminate commodity defects


Although the aluminum profile extrusion press machine plant line is the main keyword, the extrusion die furnace is also an auxiliary machine and equipment for aluminum doors and windows. When the professional knowledge of continuous extruder is similar, why not learn and train the relevant professional knowledge of auxiliary machines and equipment, so that it can be applied properly rather than incorrectly.
1. How much does the die shell furnace of the supporting facilities of aluminum profile extrusion press machine plant line cost? What expenses are included in the mold shell?
In the production and manufacture of aluminum doors and windows, in addition to the use of continuous extruders, die shell furnaces are also indispensable. The price of a set of die shell furnaces is about 20000-30000 yuan according to the traditional virtues of Wuxi City, which is also in line with the current Chinese market. For die shells, these costs are included, including labor costs, electrician costs and machining costs, Heat treatment process fee, assembly fee and service fee are indispensable, in which the service fee is generally increased by 30-50%. It is better to actually or contact the manufacturer to make a budget form.
2. How can the die shell be invalid and damaged in the whole process of aluminum profile extrusion press machine plant line processing? Can we prevent and deal with it in advance?
As long as all equipment is manufactured, there will be corresponding damage. Then the die shell in the continuous extruder will also be damaged or invalid at different levels, which is generally caused by damage in the whole process of application or cracking due to insufficient compressive strength of the die shell. Among them, some damages can be prevented and handled in advance. The reasonable method is to improve the moistening of the overstocked parts and mold shells in the whole process of application, reduce the damage to the mold shells, and improve the compressive strength of the design scheme of the mold shells, so as to increase the service life of the mold shells.
3. What is the problem of scratches and grooves on aluminum alloy profiles produced by continuous extruder? How can it eliminate this situation.
Some aluminum profile manufacturers feedback that there are unsmooth vertical or horizontal grooves and scratches on the surface of continuous extruder when producing aluminum alloy profile products. This situation is a common surface defect in the whole process of aluminum alloy profile extrusion. In order to better let customers do not have to worry about this. On this basis, we sorted out some reasons for this situation and ways to eliminate it.
Reasons for the situation:
1) Because the surface is concave, the scratches are mostly caused by dirty things on the mold shell or the production and processing of the empty knife is not smooth. 2) It is the raised scratch at the corner of the product, which is caused by the crack of the extrusion die.


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