Brief introduction to the reason of arc thinning of hydraulic pipe bender


The speed of boost and push is determined according to the actual environment of the bending pipe, so that it is in line with the speed of the hydraulic CNC pipe bending machine. At the same time, it should be checked whether the advance amount of mandrel placement is appropriate, and the necessary mediation should not be held in time. Based on the environment where the pipe is bent and cracked on the outside of the arc, the reason should be carefully analyzed. At first, it should be ensured that the pipe has a sophisticated heat treatment state. Do not face the clamping mold and the bending wheel mold; after removing the factors of the pipe, check whether the pressure of the pressing mold is too large, and adjust the pressure to make it appropriate.
To deal with the newly used mandrel, check whether its diameter is too large. If the diameter is too large, it needs to be re-ground, and ensure that the mandrel and the inner wall of the tube have excellent lubrication to eliminate the resistance of the elbow and the friction between the inner wall of the tube and the mandrel. , And at the same time adopt appropriate steps to prevent the machine from shaking and so on. To deal with wrinkles on the inner side of the arc, the corresponding steps should be adopted according to the wrinkle position. If the front tangent point is wrinkled, the position of the mandrel should be adjusted forward to make the mandrel advance appropriately to provide fair support for the pipe when it reaches the bend; When the rear cut point is wrinkled, an anti-wrinkle block should be installed, and the anti-wrinkle block should be placed in an accurate position, which can be well attached to the hydraulic pipe bending machine mold. The pressure of the compression mold (wheel) must be adjusted to make the pressure appropriate.


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