Automatic pipe bending machine customizes its driving mode


Motor drive: The power of the CNC Pipe Bending Machine is supplied by the motor. There are many methods in the process of power transmission. The customized analysis of the automatic pipe bender, for example, can drive the gear, rack, cam, connecting rod and other arrangements through the motor, depending on the situation. Plan out an automatic pipe bender that meets the requirements. Nowadays in modern industry, most of the arrangements and power sources of equipment are driven by electric motors to supply power for the basic actions of the entire equipment. 2. Hydraulic drive: The hydraulic drive and control system has been widely used in various industries because of its high transmission power, high control accuracy, fast response speed and easy realization of the benefits of integrated motor-hydraulic control. With the continuous development of industrial skills, hydraulic transmission skills are one of the fastest skills in mechanical equipment. Especially in recent years, it has entered a new stage of development. One of the customized automatic pipe benders powered by hydraulic pressure. 3. Motor-hydraulic hybrid drive: Although the automatic pipe bender has the benefits of large transmission power, high control accuracy, and fast response speed, it also has some shortcomings, such as: because the operator moves too much, the production power is low; machine loss Larger, shorter service life; more operators are required, labor costs are greater, and product costs are higher. Therefore, in the further discussion, it is proposed to use the motor-hydraulic hybrid drive, so that the most reasonable drive method can be selected from the advantages of the motor and the hydraulic to reduce the production cost, increase the production power, and increase the processing accuracy.


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