Aluminum profile extrusion press machine


Aluminum profile extrusion presses Machine are divided into two types: forward extrusion and reverse extrusion. At present, most of them are forward extrusion machines. The scientific principle is the principle of hydraulic presses. The extruder is divided into three parts: the main cylinder, the middle plate (extrusion barrel), and the extrusion rod. The main cylinder is a hydraulic device. The hydraulic oil passes through the large piston to the small piston. It pushes the extrusion rod and pushes the heated aluminum rod into the extrusion barrel. After reaching the exhaust pressure, the extrusion barrel retreats and exhausts, and then travels with the mold. After the cavities are joined and the output pressure is reached, the extrusion rod travels together to send the aluminum in the extrusion barrel into the mold shunt hole, and the aluminum alloy slowly flows out of the forming extruder through the mold. English name: extrusion press; definition: used Presses for extruding metal materials; disciplines: mechanical engineering (first-level discipline); forging (second-level discipline); forging machinery other than forging machinery (third-level discipline). Divided into two different types of metal extruder and plastic extruder (also known as plastic extruder, extruder, extruder), used in different industrial fields. Extruders are divided into two different types: metal extruders and plastic extruders (also known as plastic extruders, extruders, and extruders), which are used in different industrial fields. In the processing of plastics and man-made fibers, screw extruders are widely used. The screw extruder is a constant torque load, so the low frequency torque is required to be relatively high. This article introduces the performance improvement of the screw extruder after using the Sanjing S350 vector inverter. The frequency converter operates in the closed-loop vector control mode, and can obtain the rated torque output under the low speed state, and can accurately control the speed. The use of Sanjing inverter S350 in the extruder has the following characteristics: 1. Large low-frequency torque, stable output 2. High-performance vector control 3. Torque dynamic response fast, high speed stability accuracy 4. Fast deceleration parking speed 5. Strong anti-interference ability


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