aluminum profile extrusion press machine plant line has good adaptability


aluminum profile extrusion press machine plant line are mainly used for the production of copper and copper alloy pipes, bars, profiles and wire extrusion machines. According to its transmission mode, it can be divided into mechanical transmission mode and hydraulic transmission mode. Mechanically driven extruders are susceptible to shock when the load changes. They are not sensitive to adjustment of extrusion speed. Its overload protection capability is small, and it is difficult to apply on a large scale. Generally used for high-speed cold extrusion of small tonnage, but it is rarely used at present. The hydraulic drive extruder runs smoothly, has good adaptability to overload, and the extrusion speed is easy to adjust. It is suitable for extrusion of various pipes, rods, profiles and wire products. At present, it has been widely used.
      When casting the aluminum extrusion machine, there is no relative sliding between the billet and the extrusion cylinder. The metal flow is concentrated near the die hole, and the deformation is relatively uniform. Back extrusion eccentricity is better than positive extrusion eccentricity. The extrusion energy consumption is low, the residual pressure is low, and the output is high. However, the operation of backward extrusion is more complicated, the gap time is longer than that of forward extrusion, the quality stability of extruded products needs to be further improved, and the backward extrusion process needs to be further improved. Aluminum has the characteristics of strong controllability, flexible production, and convenient maintenance and transformation of tooling and molds.
      The working efficiency of the aluminum extrusion press is closely related to the service life of the extrusion press and the installation sequence of the aluminum extrusion press. The equipment foundation of the aluminum extrusion machine can not only bear the weight of the equipment itself and the weight of the raw materials, but also bear the dynamic load of the extrusion machine. Therefore, the aluminum profile extruder must be installed according to the corresponding installation procedure. The foundation pit is excavated according to the specifications of the equipment, and the trenches for electrical lines, upper and lower water pipes and compressed air pipes are excavated at the same time. Extruder bolt hole size, fixed foot hole wooden mold. The wood grain of the bottom hole should be trapezoidal or large conical. The first time, irrigate the foundation, leaving the toes. On a straw bag basis, after 24 hours, twice a day, drinking water is hygienic. During the curing of cement base, the ambient temperature should be above 5℃.


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