2HI 3HI 4HI 6HI Aluminum Copper Stainless Steel Coil Sheet Cold Rolling Mill

2HI 3HI 4HI 6HI Aluminum Copper Stainless Steel Coil Sheet Cold Rolling Mill

Advanced CE ISO Approved Steel Aluminum Copper Coil Sheet Hydraulic Cold Hot Rolling Mill Plant Machine Equipment Line Manufacturer


Common specification series:
Φ 90/ Φ three hundred and fifty × 350、 Φ 100/ Φ three hundred and sixty × 380、 Φ 120/ Φ four hundred and sixty × 500、 Φ 145/ Φ four hundred and sixty × 500、
Φ 145/ Φ five hundred and twenty × 550、 Φ 150/ Φ five hundred and eighty × 680、 Φ 155/ Φ six hundred and twenty × 750、 Φ 175/ Φ seven hundred and twenty × 850、
Φ 180/ Φ seven hundred and fifty × 900、 Φ 182/ Φ eight hundred and fifty × one thousand
1. Purpose:
This series of units are suitable for medium and finish rolling and finished products of ordinary carbon steel, alloy steel, copper, aluminum and stainless steel plates and strips. They have many advantages, such as high rolling precision, fast speed, stable tension and so on.
2. Equipment composition:
The machine is composed of winding mechanism, main frame, front and rear guide devices, transmission base, hydraulic system, electric control system, etc.

Model Φ140~180/Φ550×600 Φ150~220/Φ600×800
Rolled Material Plain Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel, Copper Aluminum and Stainless-Steel Strip Slit
Material Specification (Thickness) × (Width) 3.5×500mm 3.5×700mm
Finished Product Specification (Thickness) × (Width) 0.2×500mm 0.2×700mm
Rolling Pressure 400T 600T
Rolling Speed 80~150m/Min 80~150m/Min
Transmission Mode Work Roll Or Backup Roll Drive
Pressing Mode Hydraulic AGC
Main Motor Power 361~500KW 361~500KW
Coiling Part Hydraulic Pyramid Hydraulic Pyramid
Electric Control System PLC Programming Of Euro 590 Full Digital Control System
Hydraulic (High Pressure) For Roll Bending System
Other Hydraulic Hanging Roll Balance and Hydraulic Unloading Roll



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