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The effect of CNC tube bending machine and bending tube proc

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When machining the pipe fittings with CNC tube bending machine, we must pay attention to the following links, so that the processed pipes can be made beautiful and artistic.
1. The CNC pipe bending machine will block one end of the steel pipe with a wooden wedge and stand up. It is necessary to pay attention to the outside head to facilitate the dialing out. Heat the sand that has been fired, use the funnel to slowly pour it in. While filling, grind the pipe wall with a hammer, and after the dry sand is fully filled, firmly punch another identical wooden wedge until it is dry. The sand does not have any looseness in the tube.
2. The numerical control pipe bending machine draws a sample of the size on the circular platform: the outer radius is 50+ outer diameter/2, the inner diameter is 50-outer diameter/2, and the spot welding is started at the beginning and the stop. Son, to prevent over-heading or owing.
3, under the fire, you can also use a welding torch to roast. It’s easier to get off the fire, but it’s okay to pick it up slowly, but if you use a steam gun to bake it, you should pay attention to the non-standard bend pipe for a period of time. Be careful to bake the bottom part of the platform. The same heat, otherwise it will be flat!
4. In case the CNC tube bender is found to be under or over, it can be corrected by pouring cold water inside the fillet or heating the outside and vice versa.