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Square tube bending machine operation measures

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Most of the potentially hazardous areas of the square tube bender are distributed in:
1. Bend the total movement of the arm. This area is particularly dangerous between the range of motion of the curved arm and the fixed arm and the curved arm.
2. Square tube bending machine mold movement range.
3. Bend the area of ​​the angle selector.
4. The movement of the pipe fittings in front of the machine head and the pipe rotation.
In each of these hazardous areas, each has a consistent safety mark defined, see the description of the danger sign area in the square tube bender diagram.
Section 2: Use of square tube bender
It is extremely important to use a square tube bender in a human and intelligent way. The safety of the operator and the mold installer is as important as the life of the machine. Proper use and maintenance of the machine will increase the life of the machine. However, incorrect use can lead to accidents and there are serious dangers. Incorrect use of the bender may not be deliberate, but it will accelerate the wear and deterioration of the machine parts.
There is a safety guard beside the curved arm of the machine. If a worker enters the action range of the bending arm, the bending arm will stop suddenly when the bending arm clamps the worker, and the screen will display an alarm to prevent personnel. Was severely pinched.
When the machine is in an emergency, you can press the emergency stop button to interrupt the power supply to prevent dangerous events. After the danger is removed, you need to reboot. Make sure the power is turned on before rebooting.
1. The position of the emergency stop button
On the operator panel: Pressing this button will stop all motor and servo power.
2. Avoid overload
Abuse of square tube bender machinery and equipment will cause overload of machine parts. Excessive load may not be deliberate, but it is easy to happen. This is because the torque required to bend the pipe is greater than the torque range of the original design of the machine.
Confirm the load of the square tube bender machine operation to avoid overloading the machine component load, otherwise it will affect the service life of the machine and the safety of the operator.
caveat! The maximum bending ability is the most standard of the tensile coefficient of the bendable general iron pipe of 40Kg/cm2.
Be sure to follow these specifications as this will result in serious damage to the machine.
3. Safety training
Through professional pre-job training and assessment, accidental injuries that may occur during the production process can be avoided or minimized. Safety training programs must be supervised by leaders and managers. Managers must be sensitive to safe work in all areas of their work.
In order to achieve maximum protection, proper training is necessary. In general, employees should be instilled with the safety concept of the working environment and machine operation, and the important rules of the square tube bending machine mold installation guidance, safety devices and operation methods and personal safety should be paid attention to the individual's safety awareness.
Section III: Safety Measures for Electricity
1. The insulator circuit always has a joint connection, do not touch it! If an external auxiliary power cord outlet has been assembled and is not allowed to be touched, only professional personnel are allowed to open the power accessories.
2. Before using the machine, the voltage of all transformers is changed to the voltage that is suitable for the local operation of the machine. caveat! Before the machine is sent from the manufacturer, it must be connected to the main insulation switch in the electrical box.
3. The power supply of the machine must be three-phase power supply and grounded in accordance with local electrical codes.
4. The machine must be completely isolated from the power supply before any electrical box is opened. The machine's three-phase power main switch must be turned off and clearly marked on the machine, within the operator's operating area.
5. The main power switch must be locked in a closed position with a relatively stable device. caution! Even if the main insulator is turned off, the total line supply power that enters is still present.
6. The marking of the power supply should be displayed on the machine and control box to warn the staff working in the power system.
7. The door of the power control box of the machine must be closed before the main power switch is turned on and the power of the machine is restored.
8. The staff who do electric power maintenance and inspection must be trained in electric power professional knowledge. Please confirm the backup circuit circuit diagram before maintenance.
9. Supply voltage requirements: plus or minus 5% volts
10. Protection devices such as limit switches, do not arbitrarily short-circuit or bypass them.
11. Installation work must comply with the latest national electricity regulations and be fully tested according to its regulations.
Section 4: Safety Measures for Hydraulic Systems
1. This pressure can be measured by a pressure gauge equipped with a hydraulic system.
2. Do not remove any accessories or equipment from the hydraulic system of the machine under any circumstances or under any system pressure.
3. All high pressure fuel lines on the square tube bender machine must be inspected periodically to ensure they are still in a good condition. They should not have any serious scratches and abrasions. If any high pressure tubing is cracked or contused, replace it immediately and stop using the machine.
4. All hydraulic components assembled on the machine have been categorized to meet the maximum operating pressure of the system present on the hydraulic circuit. Any increased pressure that occurs will result in potentially dangerous operating conditions that must be avoided.
5. When purchasing oil, please make sure that the lubricant and hydraulic oil are non-toxic and use only specific oils to achieve the specified working condition.
6. If the body part is exposed to organic oil for a long time, it may remove the natural oil of the skin itself, which will cause the skin to gradually dry up and local irritation. Always wear gloves when handling hydraulic fluid. Under no circumstances should you swallow the hydraulic fluid.
7. When repairing and adding hydraulic oil, if there is oil residue on the ground, be sure to clean or pour the oil into the oil tank.
Section 5: Safety Measures for Square Tube Bender Servo Drives
The servo drive is mounted in an electrical control box. A servo drive controls the AC servo motor on each rotatable machine shaft. For example, the feed shaft and the corner shaft. Each servo drive can be inspected by its own display to determine that it is valid. of. If the drive is not active or is overloaded, check the display of this drive and it will not display or signal an alarm. In this case, the square tube bender machine will not work.
When there is an abnormality in the servo motor, some indications will be displayed on the display of the servo drive to inform the abnormal condition. If such a situation occurs, please refer to the instruction manual or the bender manufacturer.
1. Since there is a high voltage circuit inside the servo driver, do not touch it during operation. Also, please do not disassemble or repair the machine except the one specified by the bender manufacturer.
2. The drive is filled with high voltage for a period of time after the power is turned off. To contact the terminal block or the inside of the drive, turn off the power for 5 minutes before operating.
3. Do not touch the temperature of the drive, motor, and peripheral equipment during operation. Especially when an external regenerative resistor is used, sometimes the rebound resistor will reach high temperature, so do not touch it.
4. After the power supply is disconnected, do not touch it because the heat sink and the rebound resistor of the driver may reach a high temperature. When not in use for a long time, be sure to turn off the power,
6. The internal parameters have been tested for safety and should not be changed without consent.
7. When removing the servo motor wiring, be sure to turn off the power.
Section 6: Safety Measures for the Installation of Square Tube Bending Machine Mould
The installation of the square tube bender mold is an extremely important task. Mold installers need to have the expertise to operate the bender and properly adjust the bend mold, which is important for the quality of the bend.
The mold must be suitable for the size of the machine. If the pipe is bent more than the original value, the excessive load of the machine will cause the mechanical properties to fail, and it may damage the personnel in the operation.
The square tube bender mold installer must cultivate the concept of personal personal safety awareness, and the mold installation must be carried out with a safe attitude. All mold installers should recognize the importance of safety and the ability to provide a safe operating environment to others when performing their own work.
1. Do not place your hands, fingers or any part of your body in the mold operating area with the pump motor activated. 2. Do not install, adjust or move the mold without reading or understanding the mold installation instructions on the manual. 3. Do not wear ties, jewelry or loose clothing when working at or near the machine. 4. If the mold is too heavy to lift by hand, use a suitable mechanical lifting method. A lifting eye should be installed on the mold, and the lifting ring should be used to keep the mold parts stable during the hanging process. 5. Wipe the mold before installation and remove dust, metal cutting or other foreign dirt. Failure to do so may result in mismatched matching, which may result in personal injury or damage to the machine or mold. 6. In order to perform different operations, when changing the setting of the bender control, please make sure that the selector switch setting is correct. Before performing the bending work, please test the car to make sure it is running correctly. 7. The elbow lubricant will make the surrounding area slippery, while the mold area is dirty to handle the mold carefully. When the tube is bent, the end of the tube coated with the absorbent coating is inserted into the safe and practical range of the mold to prevent bending. The pipe lubricant drops on the machine. 8. When the bender is not working or unattended, even for a short period of time, check all switch settings before restarting the machine.
Section 7: Maintenance and repair
In order to maintain the efficiency of the square tube bender machine and the safety of the machine, an effective machine inspection and maintenance plan must be in place and implemented in accordance with the regulations.
The life expectancy of relays, solenoid valves or other electrical and mechanical components, the environmental conditions and the complete and thorough preventive maintenance plan.
A part can be mistaken at any time due to wear or improper maintenance. Frequent inspections and a good preventive maintenance program can reduce the possibility of mistakes. Parts that are worn or cannot be repaired must be replaced immediately.
The clean and clean environment around the square tube bender machine makes any inspection and maintenance easier. It is also important to keep the floor around the machine clean and free of debris.