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What is the design direction and focus of the square tube be

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With the rapid development of modern technology, the bending technology has been widely used in various production industries, especially in the fields of boilers, pressure vessels, petroleum and petrochemical engineering. The two-way pipe bending machine studied in this project is a professional equipment widely used in the boiler industry. It belongs to the square pipe bending machine and mainly completes the bending of the serpentine tube required for the boiler parts.
    In the research, the mold lifting device and hydraulic system of the two-way square tube bending machine were designed. The main function of the mold lifting device is to raise or lower the bending mold. Therefore, we design the structure mainly consisting of the positioning cylinder, the lever, and the frame. The hydraulic pump is used to provide power and is transmitted by the lever to meet the lifting of the bending mold. . After designing all the parts of the device, the force and strength of the main parts were calculated and analyzed, and the 3D solid modeling and assembly were performed by Pro/E software.
    In addition, we designed the use of hydraulic pressure to power the entire two-way square tube bending machine, through the hydraulic pump output high pressure oil to meet the normal operation of each actuator. The hydraulic pump station, fuel tank and some auxiliary components are mainly designed. During the processing of the pipe, the tightening device, the die-changing device, the lifting device and the mold traverse device are all powered by hydraulic pressure, so the design of the hydraulic system is particularly important.