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How is the square tube bender used in the hydraulic system?

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The square tube bending machine is mainly composed of a driving device, a guiding wheel device, a pre-pressing device, a rocker arm rotating device, a chuck device, a base, an intermediate frequency power supply, a hydraulic system and the like. The rocker arm slewing device is the core component of the pipe bending machine, and its function is to bend the heated pipe member into a radius that meets the specified requirements, and has the functions of bending, turning, and reducing the diameter.
When selecting the slot of the bender, it is generally necessary to select the slot with a thickness of 8 times. If the bent sheet of the bender is 4 mm, then the slot of about 32 should be selected to meet the production requirements. There are two options when making the rear material adjustment. We can make a quick adjustment of the electric motor or a manual fine adjustment method. The adjustment method is similar to that of the shearing machine. Stepping on the foot switch of the lower tube bender means that the bending work starts. The difference between the bender and the shearing machine is that it can let the operator release it at any time, and the bender will stop working after the foot is released. Stepping on the wine means continuing work and it is very convenient to operate.
Mastering the correct use of a bender can reduce damage in everyday life. We first need to connect the power to the square tube bender, then open the switch on its control panel, and finally start the oil pump. After completing these tasks, you can hear the sound of the bender oil pump turning. After that, we must adjust its itinerary. We must not forget this step. We must test the car before the bending work. There must be a gap between the bottom of the plate, otherwise it will cause the mold or the machine. damage.