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How to safely operate the pipe bending machine production li

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The pipe bending machine production line can be roughly divided into CNC pipe bending machine production line, hydraulic pipe bending machine production line, automatic pipe bending machine production line, etc., mainly used for electric power construction, public railway construction, boilers, bridges, ships, furniture, decoration, etc. The pipe laying and repairing has the advantages of multiple functions, reasonable structure and simple operation. However, we also need to pay attention to safety during the operation. Below, we have a brief introduction of how to safely operate the pipe bending machine production line.
1. Check around the work site to remove any debris that interferes with work and traffic. There must be no oil on the ground to avoid slipping. Stack the workpieces neatly and securely to prevent collapse and injury.
2. Check whether the protective device on the bending machine production line is in good condition. If it is not installed, it is not allowed to drive. The pipe bender should have good grounding and electrical insulation, and the voltage should be stable.
3. Check the production line of the pipe bending machine. When the oil is short and oil-free, the oil should be added.
4. When the empty car is running, check whether the mechanical operation is normal, and whether the electrical switch is sensitive and easy to use. After everything is ok, work again.
5. When two people work at the same time, they must cooperate closely and coordinate. A dedicated person should be assigned to operate the switch. It is not allowed to talk to other people during operation to prevent malfunction.
6. When the machine of the pipe bending machine production line starts, the operator must not leave the machine.
7. When the pipe bending machine is working, no one is allowed near the pipe bending stroke range, and a protective warning sign is set up. Stabilize the tube when it is rubbed to prevent it from being scratched by the stick. The operator can only stand on the outside.
8, the correction of the pipe should pay attention to the safety of the surrounding, the use of steamed bread should be immersed in the water; a few minutes to prevent the handle from injury. Do not wear gloves when knocking.