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Installation, commissioning and after-sales service of the p

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What are the precautions in the process of installation and commissioning of the pipe bending machine? First, during the installation process, especially when installing the hydraulic seals, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the U-ring and O-ring models installed inside the cylinder are proper. When installing the U-ring inside the cylinder head, the first page should be sized. The inside of the cylinder head should be cleaned during the installation process. The inside of the cylinder head can be cleaned with kerosene and gasoline to prevent the iron pin and the drill bed from being damaged. The iron pin and burr. If the burr inside the cylinder head is not removed, the cylinder head is installed on the bending machine, which will easily cause the card machine or a certain working card to die. The iron pin passes through the piston inside the cylinder for a long time. The back and forth transmission of the rod can easily cause the inside of the steel barrel to be scratched, which causes the internal oil of the piston to lose pressure. The same is true when installing a hydraulic valve. Install the cleaning circuit board in a clean, dust-free environment.
After the installation and commissioning of the pipe bending machine production line equipment, the machine should be started half a day before delivery to check whether the machine performance is stable. If there is a stuck valve or line fault in the middle, solve it in time. Generally, after the equipment is first operated for 4 hours before leaving the factory, the performance of the machine is basically very stable. After the customer receives our equipment, if the customer knows the function of the equipment and the function of the corresponding parts, he can start the test machine by himself. If you are not very familiar with our pipe bending machine equipment, try not to start the test machine after adding the hydraulic oil required by the pipe bending machine after the machine is shipped back to the factory. So as not to cause damage to the machine and injury to personnel.
After the general equipment is delivered to the factory, the manufacturer will contact us. We will set off to the customer within 24 hours to install and debug and teach you how to operate. The common problems of the bending machine are generally explained and how to give you a detailed explanation. Solve the problem. The bending machine equipment is finally operated by a professional one-person machine. Because the machine provides hydraulic power through the high-pressure oil pump, the response speed is very fast, so as to avoid personal injury. Therefore, it is recommended that the equipment should exit in time if there is any problem. In the operating area, turn off the power. Check the machine in a safe area. The equipment of the pipe bending machine production line can be used normally after the installation and commissioning of our commissioning personnel.