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What application areas are there in China after the automati

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China's automatic feeding pipe bending machine technology started relatively late compared to foreign countries, but the development speed can be said to be very fast. Before the 1980s, in China, the blanking of plates was mainly based on manual or semi-automatic trolley cutting. In the 1980s, with the continuous deepening of enterprise reform, people realized that the use of advanced cutting technology is not only the key to ensure the quality of welding of products, but also greatly improve the utilization rate of the board. In some enterprises with large plate consumption, due to the improvement of plate utilization rate, the investment recovery period of automatic feeding pipe bending machine equipment has been shortened, and good economic benefits have been achieved. Therefore, the market demand for automatic feeding pipe bending machines has increased year by year. Thereby promoting the rapid development of China's cutting industry.
China's cutting industry mainly consists of the following types of production enterprises: 1, door-type pipe bending machine; 2, trolley-type pipe bending machine and cutting nozzle; 3, plasma cutting power supply and cutting nozzle; 4, manual welding torch and welding torch, etc. . After decades of development, the cutting industry has evolved from a single manual torch to a relatively complete industry. The automatic feeding pipe bending machine products can basically meet the needs of the domestic market, and some products enter the international market. In recent years, the development of the production technology of the door type automatic feeding pipe bending machine in China has been particularly rapid.
Modern profile cutting is still dominated by the door type automatic feeding pipe bending machine, because only the automatic cutting pipe bending machine can effectively ensure the complete automation of the cutting process.
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