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What are the working modes of the automatic pipe bending mac

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The automatic bending machine equipment has been dedicated to the development of technical innovation in the field of curved pipe processing. Through a series of scientific and technological research technology improvement, we have increased the efficiency of bending pipe processing and improved the quality of pipe bending. And the bending processing application of various oil pipelines has been recognized and affirmed by the market. So, what kinds of working modes does the automatic pipe bending machine operate? Below we have experts from Anlida Machinery to introduce to you:
1, test machine mode
After starting the work after the foot, in the working state, the footstep stops working again, and if you need to continue working, you can step on the foot again and press the stop button to stop working.
Test machine description: The test machine can only be used for the empty running of the machine, it can not be used for processing! Please be cautious! The test machine only saves all the pedaling actions except the first one. The other action flow is the same as the official production. After the work starts, it will continue to cycle until the count value is equal to the set number or the button is stopped.
2, semi-automatic mode
After the pedal is started, when the work is in progress, the pedal is paused again when the pedal is used again. If the work is needed, the pedal is pressed again, and the stop button is pressed to stop the work. A workflow allows two footsteps to be completed, that is, the work starts once and takes care of it once.
3, manual mode
Enter the manual to make the screen, press the key on the side of the action description to perform the corresponding various actions. The end of the action is determined by the set time, and is displayed as "has been in place".
4, fully automatic mode
The automatic pipe bending machine starts to work after the foot is pressed. When the working state is in progress, the foot pedal is suspended again, and if it is necessary to continue working, the foot pedal is again pressed, and the stop button is pressed to stop the work. A workflow needs to be completed once, that is, the work starts once.
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