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Five highlights of Beverage Machinery Development

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One of the highlights
China beverage machinery industry targeting personalized
Cai E, general manager of China Light Industry Machinery Corporation Beer Beverage Machinery Company pointed out that China beverage machinery industry currently has a certain degree of foreign participation in the market competition strength. Backbone enterprises to acquire advanced machining center, CNC plasma cutting machine, CNC laser cutting machine, CNC bending machines, high-precision detection equipment, a large number of advanced equipment, research and development and application of key technologies to carry out practical technology, and constantly improve and perfect the factory computer integrated manufacturing systems, CAD, CAPP, research and development and application of CAM systems, etc., are actively promoting the technological upgrading of enterprises. After years of efforts, China beverage machinery industry has been able to provide more comprehensive beverage production equipment to the market.
Chinese beverage industry machinery industry from the very beginning just behind several strong opponents abroad. Today, the domestic market situation of international competition more intense. Germany Krones, KHS, Italy Sasib, Bogosian horses respective companies with advanced technology, good service and quality products, variety series has won many domestic big beverage companies of all ages. The beverage machinery manufacturers in China poses a great pressure. China beverage machinery manufacturing enterprises still a lot of work needs to be done, in order to seek development in the competition, then we must continue to develop new products, new technologies, we must continuously improve product quality and service quality. The self-development, self-designed research simply as a business development.
Service for the whole industry, the development of China beverage machinery industry needs to be improved. As the production of raw materials and a wide variety of beverages, ingredients are quite different process vary, so that the beverage machine product variety, dedicated and strong. Throughout our beverage machinery market, Cai always thought that my beverage machinery industry problems to be solved is: First, emphasis on beverage filling equipment, only the emphasis on providing large-scale equipment, pay attention to the development of small equipment; Second, China's beverage machinery product quality and quality need to be further improved; Third, the lack of market competition rules, disorderly competition phenomenon.
China beverage machinery industry development direction, to try to meet different kinds and levels of diversification of market demand, to provide users can improve quality, enrich the connotation of technical equipment, beverage machinery industry in today's business goals. Nanjing Light Industry Machinery Factory made products "personalized design" target, represents the development direction of the beverage machinery industry enterprises.
Efforts to increase technology updates, make the product more advanced, more practical, more in line with the requirements of health and environmental requirements. In PET bottled beverage filling production line, for example, filling the existing low temperature filling to the development of normal temperature, can significantly save energy. On filling equipment, the technical characteristics of the current domestic beverage production line for low filling, filling temperature 0 ℃ ~ 4 ℃, sugar ratio 1:3 ~ 1:6, CO2 gas multiples of up to 4 times. The advantage of CO2 gas multiples accurate, low temperature of the beverage, is particularly advantageous for the subsequent filling step. But in recent years foreign countries have launched at room temperature filling production line, filling temperature is 15 ℃, low filling parameters with other parameters the same. Especially for filling normal temperature filling machine mixer put a higher demand. The best step to achieve fast filling, slow filling, filling the biggest advantage is saving room temperature. For the mixer, it is not necessary to water cooling to about 25 ℃ 0 ℃, and there is no need for a warm bottle to drink from about 8 ℃ heated to 40 ℃, the energy saving effect is very significant.
Packaging diversification. Wine and beverage products in the packaging process, the diversification of economic development package is the market demand for commodities. So this is the packaging industry, diversification of product development tasks. At the same time should be based on a sustainable development strategy, fully reflect the green packaging solutions. Such as the production of finished packaging labeling machine diversification, diversification of product packaging machine. Production to choose plastic boxes, cartons, shrink film and all kinds of packing equipment.
Widely used in robotics, mechatronics and intelligent computer control technology. In developed countries, which is already very mature technology, they can become the traditional mechanical equipment is simple and reliable. Wine and beverage products in the packaging process, a variety of packaging is the market demand for commodities of economic development. In the process of achieving its complex packaging function, leaving mechatronics, manufacturing and control is almost impossible. Specifically, to the packaging material line - demolition, Depalletizers and unloading boxes machine, finished off the assembly line - packing (cardboard and plastic box) machine and palletizing machines, diversified product packaging labeling machines, online aspects of detection and control, automatic detection of packaging materials and finished products, working parameters and controlled tests showed, diversification finished packing, transportation management system to automatically control and monitoring, saccharification and fermentation control system, automatic application of advanced technology. Promote the use of CAD (Computer Aided Design), CAM (computer aided manufacturing), FMS flexible manufacturing systems, warehouse and logistics system computer MIS system managed under the integrated information system on the basis of marketing services, energy saving and environmental protection as a precondition research and development of new packaging materials, automatic production line monitoring, management and fault diagnosis systems and other advanced technologies, so that our national drink machinery manufacturing increased to a higher level.


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